Branko - Advanced shopping cart prototype

Shopping made fun

Branko is the first completely independent cart that works seamlessly in the largest of crowds. By using smart algorithms it detects and avoids obstacles, and requires no external devices for proper functioning. Branko connects to your smartphone and is capable of doing amazing things – mostly carry and/or store bags or maybe a travel case, the possibilities are endless.

Branko is no ordinary cart - Branko is an autonomous robotic companion that follows you wherever you go and makes it easier to move from A to B. Branko is smart enough to always follow just you and avoid obstacles in its path. Branko is perfect for every moment: he relieves you on your way to work, in school, at the airport ... the possibilities are really endless. Just imagine how much more freedom you would have, if you aren’t carrying heavy bags or dragging behind a heavy suitcase.

Branko is not just an ordinary cart. The battery that powers Branko is easily removable, and can be used for charging smart phones and laptops - containing USB outputs for all your electronic devices. Additionally, Branko comes with unique wheels, which allow for extremely controlled, smooth and stable multi-directional movement. The wheels are controlled by an onboard computer, which is based on the latest technology to optimize and ensure smooth movement.

Autonomous functionality of Branko is incomparable and does not require any additional external devices. All you need is Branko and a smartphone, and it will follow you wherever you go; whether you're at the airport or on your way to school. Branko will facilitate carrying of baggage for you in different situations.

Branko was made in cooperation with ŠC Ptuj VSŠ

Logotip ŠC Ptuj VSŠ